Jobs · 11. July 2020
Our wonderful austrian-slovenian model Alida was booked for a Vintage Fashion workshop in Vienna with photographer Victoria Schwarz. Here you can see the results, shooted by Victoria Schwarz.
Jobs · 04. July 2020
Our serbian model beauty Aleksandra J. was booked for a fashion editorial workshop. Here you can see the results shooted by Victoria Schwarz.
Jobs · 25. June 2020
Next job also for our Tamara. Our beautiful austrian-slovenian Model is booked for a picture database shooting of the "Kronen Zeitung", the biggest newspaper in Austria.
Jobs · 18. June 2020
After the Corona crises the modelbusiness ist re-starting. So our Alida is booked for her next job, she will be the model for a vintage fashion workshop.
Jobs · 10. June 2020
Our serbian beauty Aleksandra J. starts after the Corona crises back in to modelbusiness. In Vienna she is booked today for a fashion editorial workshop.
Jobs · 15. March 2020
We started with our event "Miami Style" on the 06 th march 2020 at "Studio im 2.ten". 4 amazing models of 1 sr Place Models where booked for the show with the brand "Schatzinsel".