About "modelmovement":


"MODELMOVEMENT" means to place a model for a longer on stay booking (usually between 2 and 3 months) in a market. We organize everything for the model, together with our agency partners in the different countries. So we organize a flat or model apartment, we care about a safe contract for the models with the partner agency, we care together for castings, photoshoots and jobs for the models, we support if the models have any problems or questions in the market, we teach the models before going to the modelmovements, we create a strategy together with the models, we care for the portfolio of the models before going to the destination, we try to get the best conditions for the models (weekly pocket money for example), all distant flights are paid and the best thing: the models never have any risk at 1 st Place Models, if we organize a modelmovement. So in the rare case the model earns less money than the costs are, the model is safe, because its the risk of the agency and not the risk of the model.


Why 1 st Place Models?


.) We are doing a high quality work. For some agencies "modelmovement" means just contact some agencies they found by Google. That's not professional and that's not safe for the models! In 80 - 90 % of the cases we know our partners personally, because we are travelling a lot and meet the agencies and bookers all around the world. And if we don't know them personally, we have counted so many informations about them. We just send models to a modelmovement if we are sure the models are safe and will have a great time on the market. 


.) We really care for the models. If a model is on a placement, she always has the chance to contact someone of the agency, also outside of the office times. We take it very serious, ask the models every few days "if everything is allright". They are always protected. 


.) If there is a problem with the agency on the market, we try to solve the problems for the models. We don't care if it´s a smaller problem or a bigger problem, anyway we are here for our models, we take care of them. In the worst case we have other partners in the markets who could also assist. So travelling with 1 st Place Models means always SAFETY for our models.


.) Our team has many years of experience in modelmovement. Dominik has done this job for 16 years. He really knows the markets, he really knows the people in the markets and of course he informs the models about the specific peculiarities of each market. 


.) We have a very good name in this business. You can see our actual media reports but You can also inform yourself about our media reports in the past. You will see, we are a very respected & succesful team.


.) We are 110 % honest! We explain exactly all the details and ideas behind a modelmovement. We take much time for that, so the models are perfectly prepared and always know what will happen.


-) We have a good strategy and in combination with many years of experience we get the maximum for the models. A model without strategy can damage her whole career, we know all the traps and "no go´s".


-) Our modelmovements are really successful! Many of our models got bookings with big brands like Armani, Versace, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Wolfgang Joop, Philipp Plein or other big brands in the past. Many of our models got bookings for the big Fashion Weeks like the Milan Fashion Week, the New York Fashion Week, the London Fashion Week, the Paris Fashion Week, the Shanghai Fashion Week, the Tokio Fashion Week or other big Fashion Weeks. 


-) We have a fantastic database about nearly all relevant agencies in the world. Inside this database we find informations what models told us about these agencies, also models of other agencies. We count all the little details and can prepare our models perfectly for their new adventure.


-) We love what we do and our models are a family for us. 1 st Place Models is not interested to be a big agency, we are interested in having quality and models with a good character. You will also not find any placements of other agencies on our website, it´s a trick many small agencies use to simulate to be a more important agency, than they are in reality. We are proud to be a smaller agency, because for us it´s important: quality & safety first! We want to know every model personally, we care for every model personally, so we get the best deals for each model. No need to be too big, no need for any kind of simulation. Just honest business with heart.


1 st Place Models director Dominik with his models at Philipp Plein Show (photo: M.Semana)
1 st Place Models director Dominik with his models at Philipp Plein Show (photo: M.Semana)