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1 ST PLACE MODELS is a new agency, with an experienced team and was founded on the 4 th of november 2019 in Dover (USA). Our international headoffice is in Miami (USA), the european headquarter is placed in Madrid (Spain). The agency is a typical "mother agency", so all the models You will find on our website are exklusive models at 1 ST PLACE MODELS.


We just commit topmodels and have a absolutely high standard expectation to them. Our models get placed everywhere in the world, we organize modelmovements for them, take care for their education in modelbusiness and manage them their whole career. 


Of course we can also offer packages to clients ALL OVER THE WORLD, organize their whole event, including models, make up artists, hairstylists, stylists, choreographers, presenters, organizing a press conference and much more. Just contact us!


All the best, Yours Team of 1 ST PLACE MODELS


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Sarah K. booked for picture database shoot Photoshoot: Alida T. by Rainer Ressmann (part 2) Photoshoot: Dzhulia M. by Kiril Stanoev