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1 st PLACE MODELS is a brand new agency, with an experienced team. It was originally founded on 4th November 2019 in Dover (USA). Our international head office is based in Miami (USA), and our european headquarter is placed in Madrid (Spain). All the models found on our website are exclusive models of 1 st PLACE MODELS.


We strive for excellence among our models, and offer them the most professional treatment and experience, by placing them in the best agencies internationally, organizing modelmovements, and managing their careers. Our standards for models are high, and we create top models. 


1 st PLACE MODELS team offers packages to clients internationally and gladly organizes your events, including models, make-up artists, hairstylists, stylists, choreographers, presenters, promoting in the media, press-conferences and much more. Just contact us!


All the best, Yours Team of 1 ST PLACE MODELS


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