Jobs · 11. August 2020
Our Sarah K. got now a booking for a picture database. The shoot will be this thursday in Vienna. (photo by Daniel Schaler/example picture)
Shootings · 10. August 2020
1 st Place Model Alida T. had a shoot with the Austrian photographer Rainer Ressmann. The stunning results you can see here (part 2).
Shootings · 10. August 2020
Our bulgarian beauty Dzhulia M. had a new portfolio shoot with photographer Kirik Stanoev. Here you can see the stunning results.
Models · 08. August 2020
New Model at 1 st Place Models! The young Austrian model Katharina D. worked 4 years as model at People 2 People in Upper-Austria. Now the talented model signed in our agency!
Shootings · 03. August 2020
Our talented newcomer model Coline S. had an amazing shoot with photographer Daniel Schaler. Here you can see the results of this shoot in Vienna.
Models · 23. July 2020
We welcome another stunning new model at 1 st Place Models Miami & Madrid! Marissa T., a young austrian girl, signed her first contract. Welcome Marissa!
Shootings · 17. July 2020
Our new model Sarah K. had her first photoshoot at 1 st Place Models. Here you can see the first part of the shoot in Vienna with photographer Daniel Schaler!
Models · 13. July 2020
A great newcomer model is now also part of the 1 st Place Models family! Coline S. from Carinthia signed yesterday. Welcome Coline!
Jobs · 11. July 2020
Our wonderful austrian-slovenian model Alida was booked for a Vintage Fashion workshop in Vienna with photographer Victoria Schwarz. Here you can see the results, shooted by Victoria Schwarz.
Shootings · 06. July 2020
Tamara S., winner of "Kärntens Nächstes Topmodel 2016" was shooted by Daniel Schaler in Vienna. Here you see the first part of the results.

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