Models · 21. January 2020
We are glad to welcome the venezuelan model Katherin B. at 1 st Place Models. Katherin is an very experienced model who still did some succesful modelmovements.
Models · 17. January 2020
We are glad to welcome the serbian model Nevena D. at 1 st Place Models. Nevena is the sister of the former well known and succesful serbian model Ljubica D.
Shootings · 09. January 2020
1 st Place Model Alida T. had a shoot with the Austrian photographer Rainer Ressmann. The stunning results you can see here (part 1):
Models · 08. January 2020
New model at 1 st Place Models! Sissi Z. an austrian-chinese Model who won the Next Topmodel competition "Österreichs Nächstes Topmodel" signed an exklusive contract with our agency.
Modelmovements · 26. November 2019
The spanish model Arantxa M. is working since many years as a model. Recently she is now an international model. 1 st Place Models is not official opened (opening at 02.01.2020), but we still booked the first modelmovement for our Arantxa.
Models · 22. November 2019
We are glad to welcome another austrian-slovenian model, Tamara S. at 1 st Place Models. Tamara was the winner of the modelcompetition "Kärntens Nächstes Topmodel 2016" and was managed before by Jademodels in London.
Models · 15. November 2019
We are glad to welcome the austrian-slovenian model Alida T. at 1 st Place Models. Alida is an experienced model who still worked international. Before she was working as a model in China & Austria, her mother agency was Jademodels in London.
General · 06. November 2019
The 4 th of november is the in-official start of our new agency: 1 st Place Models & Events. The new agency is specialized for international modelmovements and fashion events all around the world. Dominik Wachta (to see on the picture), who was 13 years the owner of a well known agency in London, Palma de Mallorca and Vienna is the director of the new agency.