1 ST PLACE MODELS considers the safety of aspiring models to be one of the top priorities. Please be aware, maybe there are some individuals on the internet (or in real life) falsely claiming to be scouts or representatives of 1 ST PLACE MODELS. So please notice, 1 ST PLACE MODELS does not request photos of Your feet, in nude or lingerie style and we never require the payment of money.


Should someone contact You, please verify if this person is part of our scouting team or is an official representative of 1 ST PLACE MODELS. You can find all our representatives under "TEAM" on our website. Please also take care if someone is maybe writing You from a fake account on social medias, all our official social media accounts You can find on our website under "SOCIAL MEDIA"


If You are not sure, please contact us by mail with the header "verification": 



Step 1: download our data sheet.

Step 2: completely fill in our data sheet

Step 3: scan our data sheet (or make a picture in good quality)

Step 4: send us minimum 5 pictures of You and the data sheet by mail: with the header "application" 


Please notice: 1 ST PLACE MODELS gets many applications every day. We really take every application serios and consider them extensivily, so it could take time to answer everyone. We will not forget answering You, if you will not get an answer later than 9 days, its because we never got Your application, so than please send it again! 


Thanks for Your application and have a good time!


Yours team of 1 ST PLACE MODELS

Data Sheet
download our data sheet here:
data sheet.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 41.9 KB