1 st Place Models has bought the rights of Jademodels

1 st Place Models has bought the name-rights of Jademodels International Management. 1 st Place Models will be placed in Miami & Madrid, parts of the team will be the same, but the infrastructure and the ideas behind the new agency will be very new. Dominik Wachta, who was the director of Jademodels International Management, will also be the director of 1 st Place Models.


The idea behind 1 st Place Models is the organisation of international modelmovements (on stay bookings) and high class fashion events.


In contrast to the old strategy, the new agency will not have any talents, any photomodels or malemodels. In combination with the name rights of "Jademodels" the new agency also has bought the name rights of the moodel competition "Österreichs Nächstes Topmodel".


We will inform you for the next steps on this blog. 


photo by Albert Stern from the press conference